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Why Should I Advertise On Aquaskier?

Aquaskier is a site devoted exclusively to the water sports scene. It is visited by thousands of visitors each month, the same boaters, skiers and boarders that use your products everyday.


Ability To Target

Aquaskier can deliver your ad directly to it's intended audience, the hardcore enthusiast who use your products on a daily basis. Many of these visitors come to Aquaskier specifically seeking information and sources for water sports related products.


Flexible Advertising Opportunities

Aquaskier offers flexible advertising packages and can create a custom advertising program to fit your specific requirements.

  • Buttons - The most economical form of advertising for those on a limited budget.  Buttons can be placed on main page or any category throughout the site and start at less than half the cost of banners while still providing quality exposure for your products. Button Ads start at $6 per CPM (1000 impressions).

  • Banners - The most widely used advertising offering high visibility.  Banners can be targeted to a specific category or placed on the main page for all to see. Half Banner Ads start at $12 per CPM (1000 impressions).

  • Title Sponsorships - Title Sponsorships are available on a limited basis which provide the greatest possible exposure with the maximum number of impressions each month. High-profile positioning on all pages throughout the site allow for enhanced visibility and brand recognition.   

  • Contest Sponsorships - Contest sponsorships are available offering high visibility and product awareness. It provides a good way to market your products and develop product exposure through Contest giveaways.




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