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Water Sports Advertising Special



Advertise your products at the lowest prices in the Industry with our site-wide advertising special.



Here's The Scoop

Your full banner will appear at the top of the pages to be seen by everyone.  An example of this is the one above with the stop sign and finger pointing.  The ads will be placed in rotation throughout the site and randomly appear each time the pages are viewed.


Compare Our Prices

We can offer the lowest prices in the industry because of our very low overhead.  We are confident that no other water sports related sites can compete with our prices.  If you find one that advertises cheaper prices, let us know and we will beat their prices by 10.00%.


Who Are Our Vistors?

Most of our visitors are higher income consumers of water sports related goods and services who are browsing our directory in search of products.


What If My Company Doesn't Have A Banner?

Not a problem.  We will even create one for you if you purchase a 15,000 impression (or views) campaign.  For the cost of having a banner created, you will get BOTH a banner and advertising exposure.  Can't beat that!


 How Much Traffic Does Aquaskier Get?

As with all water sports related sites, the traffic is seasonal.  The peak usually occurs in June with January being the lowest in terms of visitors.  The site currently serves over 1,000,000 pages to nearly 350,000 visitors per year   Detailed traffic information available upon request.


The Bottom Line.

The price for your ad being shown 5000 times is $35.00.  If you are comparing to other sites, you may see pricing based on "CPM".  CPM refers to 1000 Impressions (or views)  which come out to $7.00 per CPM.  Minimum purchase is 5000 ads. (or 15,000 if we create a banner for you)


Examples of pricing:

5000 impressions - $35.00

10,000 impressions - $70.00

15,000 impressions - $105.00 (with free banner creation if needed)


Where Do I Start?

Fill out THIS FORM and include the following information:

  • Your Name and Email Address

  • Number Of Ads desired

  • Will you need a banner?

Someone will contact you for additional information, payment arrangements or answer any questions you have.


Payments can be made through PayPal or by check.  Payments by check may be delayed until check clears.



Aquaskier reserves the right to deny advertising that we determine would be offensive to our visitors.


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