Best Waves Oceans for the Water Ski

September 18, 2016 - Dangers of the Water Ski
Best Waves Oceans for the Water Ski

Brief History of the Water Ski:

The Mr. Ralph Samuelson invested the Water Ski just before his 19th birthday in the year 1922. The place was the lake city in the Minnesota Estate, United States of America. It was the first time when some human did a ski on the water surface with powerful boat ahead. He used the simple wooden boards below his feet and a rope. He also invented jumping using the ski boards in the open oceans and impressed the watchers.

The most important thing you require, other than the fine quality water board pairs and the powerful tow boat, is the ocean. The ocean should be safe from any sea creature like the shark and the rocks in shapes of islands. The governments have built the alert radars at such oceans where the watchers alert the water skiers and other people at the beach from the sea creatures like the sharks and similar unidentified creatures which may harm humans. It is responsibility of the government to ensure health and safety of their nationals / residents.


Best Oceans:

The water ski trend is not at the peak in the Asian countries but it has impressed many nationals and tourists at the beaches of South Africa, America and Australia. The oceans touching the coasts of these nations are much tidy and contain huge waves, which are best suitable to go for the water ski and major necessary item required to make this sport possible. No tidy waves will result in simple water ski and there will be low skill presentations by the water skiers.

Possible Danger:

The Ocean of South Africa and Australia are most dangerous because it is considered the habitat of most dangerous sea monster fish, the killer whales and the white sharks. These sharks come to the shores in search of food and the attack on everything they found in the boundary of the ocean water.It also contains humans and every year so many casualties are recorded in these countries from the shark bite or simply attack.


Tourism and Safety Measures:

These countries are best known for their tidy waves and it not only attracts their own nationals but tourists from the world visit such countries to enjoy the water ski opportunities. However, it is recommended to keep the first aid boxes with you every time when you are on the sea. Though, many rescue teams are also available there but it is good to have your own equipment and first aid medicines.

The first thing you need to do is to stop the bleeding and minimize the effect of teeth of sea creatures. This thing should be ensured before going / while going to the hospital. Wear the good quality water suit that keep your complete body safe from the piercing water waves and the sun lotion. Never forget to keep the sun lotion with you when you are heading towards the sea water to enjoy the sport or sun bath. It may cause you the skin cancer.


Hi there, water skiing is a really interesting water sport that cannot be avoided. People really love to go on for waterskiing as it not only provides good sports but also it is a quality entertainment that can learnt and then taken at practical level soon enough.

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