Dangers of the Water Ski

September 21, 2016 - Dangers of the Water Ski
Dangers of the Water Ski

It is no doubt that water ski is a wonderful mean of enjoyment and it also makes the summer, best part of your life. You will always remember when you had sufficient time and you were able to ski in the great ocean waves, piercing through it and making your way out, impressing your friends with your great ski skills. However, this beautiful sport is also dangerous when you neglect many basic things and do it without any supervision of expert. It is definitely going to hurt you a bit. Though, there is water around and you can hope for no injury but there are certain dangers that lie in every sport. Here we have some dangers of water ski and highlighted the way to overcome them.


The knee injury may be the most important injury that should not be ignored at any cost and mostly observed injury as well. This happens because of the speed. When you get some irregular speed or unbalancing position, there is tendency that you may release the rope from the boat. It will cause you sudden push in the water and so many revolving crash as well. If the area contained low level of the water or it might be a narrow place or some tree at the shore or any similar object, you are going to hit it directly with force.

This may cause you seriously injury. Moreover, the lower body, especially the knee and foot joint may suffer most. The joint may get space due to the force and you may be advised for total bed rest for several weeks or months.

Safety Measure:

It is necessary to take a deep analysis of the place where you wish to go for water ski. The analysis should ensure few important things like the depth of water should be atleast more than or equal to 5 meters from the surface. So that, if you slip away from the rope and go into diving position, there should be sufficient water to reduce your diving speed and to protect you touching / hitting the surface below water.


The other danger is the crash of the tow boat. This sport requires speed so that the skier is able to float over the water in a rhythm and balanced manner. If the tow boat driver losses his balance or there is sudden breakage of the rope, the boat must be at the sufficient distance from the either sides of the shore so that there is no casualty or damage.

Safety Measure:

The boat should be atleast in spacy water where there is no threat to the tow boat getting hit. The boat should be atleast 100 meters away from the shore so that the driver has sufficient time to get the boat into the balancing position. However, it also depends over the skills of the driver as well. The analysis of space should be in the presence of experts and rescue teams.


Hi there, water skiing is a really interesting water sport that cannot be avoided. People really love to go on for waterskiing as it not only provides good sports but also it is a quality entertainment that can learnt and then taken at practical level soon enough.

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