Top Three Sources of Water Sports Tournaments

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Top Three Sources of Water Sports Tournaments

We are sure that you require some fun in your life and feeling the absence of gravity seems amazing. Yea, we are talking about the water sports which take you away from the land and let you enjoy another marvelous natural source from the Mother Nature, which is water. It is out of the four powerful matter of life on earth and counts 70 percent of its presence on our planet earth. These sports are of different types and nature but the common thing required is good suitable environment and some water that should be fresh or not harmful to human life. Many nations organize such sports and at world level like in the Olympics as well. Thus, water sports are gaining international level recognition.

Here we have certain top three sources of water tournaments held around the world:


Many academies which are pioneer in launching the water sports hold their own water sports championships like in the water baseball championship. The water sports teaching academies arrange them to ignite the awareness among the youth regarding wonderful water sports. There is creativity and you enjoy because you never did it before. One will hardly imagine about the baseball in the water. You get flexibility in your body.

The swimming is an art and science at the same time. The swimmer is to learn art to move the body over the surface of the water and to cover the distance within the stipulated period of time or at the minimum. The swimming is science because there is push and pull forces being applied and the body is moves without any friction source. It is visible from great distance.

The Olympic games are not only the source of enjoyment for people all around the globe but it also boosts up and gives recognition to the world best athletes. You have opportunity to win the gold medals, silver and bronze medals. It is not only moment of pride for the athletes but recognition for their parent countries as well. They are considered the best players in the world. So many water sports are still ignored in the Olympics like the water ski. In the Olympics Rio, 2016 the USA stands at the top for swimming championships with 16 Gold, 08 Silver and 09 Bronze Medals.


The FINA World Championship holds the water sports championships like the swimming, deep diving, swimming in open water like in lakes, water baseball and much more similar. This event was first organized in year 1973 and afterwards, it is held after every two years since 2001. Before 2001, it was held after every four years. Since time, it has been organized in countries like Germany, USA, Ecuador, Spain, Yugoslavia, Australia, Italy, Japan, etc. The USA stands at the top with 232 Gold Medals, 181 Siler and 127 Bronze Medals. Whereas, China and the Soviet Union stands at number second and third, respectively.


Hi there, water skiing is a really interesting water sport that cannot be avoided. People really love to go on for waterskiing as it not only provides good sports but also it is a quality entertainment that can learnt and then taken at practical level soon enough.

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