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Governing Bodies

International Water Ski Federation

The International regulatory body promoting water skiing in the Olympics.  Headlines, Event Calendar, Information, Directory of federations, Rulebooks, Downloadable files, Links and Contact information.

IWSF Pan Am Region

Member countries include Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Venezuela. Affiliated   Federation directory, News, Links, Pan Am Region history and Contact information


Member regions include Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Federation directory, Information on Tournament Water Skiing, Barefoot Skiing, Cable Skiing, Disabled Skiing, Racing and Wakeboarding.  Links, Water Ski history and Contact information.

World Wakeboard Association

Their purpose is to introduce people to the sport of wakeboarding,  sanction and govern all international and domestic events, and to help educate the public. Membership information, Trick List, Event calendar, Tournament results, News, Links and Contact information.

USA Waterski

The National Governing Body for organized water skiing in the United States.  News, Event calendar, Member programs, Affiliated clubs, Summer camps, Classifieds, Membership and Contact information.


The official site of the Eastern region of the American Water Ski Association.  Event calendar, News, Tournament results, Photos, Links and Contact information.

AWSA Midwest

A member of USA Waterski and the American Water Ski Association.  News, Event calendar, Tournament results, Collegiate results and Contact information.

AWSA South

The official site for the Southern region of the American Water Ski Association.  Tournament guide, results, news, photos, links and Contact information.

AWSA South Central Region

The Site of the South Central Region of the American Water Ski Association.  Ski sites and Maps, Tournament schedules, Tournament results, Judges listing and Contact information.


The official site for the Western region of the American Waterski Association.  Tournament schedule, Skier ratings, News, Photos, Discussion forum, Classifieds, Links, Minutes of the meetings and Contact information.

National Collegiate Water Ski Association

The online home of the National Collegiate Water Ski Association,
a sports division of USA Water Ski. Team lists, tournament schedules and results, rules, technical information, ranking lists, maps to sites and Contact information.

American Kneeboard Association

A sport division of USA Waterski providing information of interest to Kneeboarders.  Officials directory, Tournament schedule and results, Photos, Downloadable Videos, Instructions by Mario Fossa, Links, Membership and Contact information.

American Barefoot Club

A sport division of USA Waterski and the Governing body of Barefoot Waterskiing in the United States whose goal is to promote Competitive and Recreational Barefoot Waterskiing.  Tournament calendar and results, News, Technical, Membership and Contact information.

Water Ski And Wakeboard Canada

Water Ski Canada is the nationally recognized organization that supports, organizes, promotes towed water sports in Canada.  News, Tournament results and Links.

British Columbia Water Ski Association

A non-profit Society with over 1000 members including Waterskiers, Wakeboarders, Barefooters and Kneeboarders from occasional weekend skiers to World champions. News, Event calendar, Photos, Club listings, Links, Membership and Contact information.

Water Ski Alberta 

Website dedicated to the water sports scene in Alberta, Canada.  News, Event calendar, Tournament results, Club listings, Discussion forum, Classifieds, Links, Photos and Contact information.

Saskatchewan Water Ski Association

The governing sport body for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing in Saskatchewan.  Clinics information, Event calendar, Newsletter, Photo gallery, Guestbook, Links and Contact information.

British Water Ski Federation Page

National Governing Body for water skiing in Great Britain.  Latest news, Places to ski, Tournament results, Membership information, Event calendar, Discussion forum, Downloads and Contact information.

Italian Water Ski Federation

Governing Body for water skiing in Italy.  Event calendar, News headlines, Skier profiles and Photos.

Swedish Water Ski Federation

Governing Body for water skiing in Sweden.  News, Tournament results, Links, Event calendar, Maps, and Contact information.

Singapore Water Ski Federation

Governing Body for water skiing in Singapore.  Descriptions of the objectives for Slalom, Tricks and Jump and what equipment is required. List of places to ski and  Contact information. 

Brazilian Wakeboard Association

Provide Links, Yellow pages, Classifieds, ICQ list, E-mail lists, Discussion forum, Wakeboard trick list, Photos and java animated sequences, gallery of photos from riders all over Brazil, Rules, Tournament results since the beginning of wakeboarding in Brazil and more.

Finnish Water Ski Federation

Governing Body for water skiing in Finland.  News headlines, Event schedule, Affiliated Club listing, Discipline descriptions, Photos and Contact information.

Danish Water Ski Federation

Governing Body for water skiing in Denmark providing support, organization, and promotion of towed water sports. Event calendar, Photo gallery, Tournament results, Club listings and Contact information.

Wakeboard UK

The official governing body for UK Wakeboarding promoting the sport and working hard to ensure that Wakeboarding continues to occur in the UK.  News and Articles, Wakeboarding places, Links, Photos, Videos and Contact information.

South African Water Ski Association

Governing body for Waterskiing in South Africa in Barefoot, Cable, Disabled, Racing, Show, Wakeboarding and 3-event.  News, Photos, Links, Event calendar, Tournament results and Contact information.

Illinois Water Ski Federation

The official Illinois Water Ski Federation website offering tools to help you plan your skiing season.  Minutes, Club listings, Tournament calendar, Member contacts, Classifieds, Photos, Links and Contact information.

Wisconsin Water Ski Federation

The official website of the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation offering News, Tournament schedule, Water Ski Club Links and a Discussion Forum.

Indiana Water Ski Association

The Indiana Water Ski Association represents organized water skiing throughout the state of Indiana  promoting water skiing, encouraging water safety and cooperating with members of local civic groups,  local and state government. Photos, News, Classifieds, Photos and more.



International Novice Water Ski Tour

Little League of Water Skiing with competition based on ability, not age, in Slalom, Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding.  Tour stops throughout the United States.  Event calendar, Tournament standings, Entry Form, News and Contact information.



Other Resources

Tournament  Manual & Jump Plans

Downloadable Tournament resource manual and Downloadable Jump plans with instructions. 

AWSA East Download Center

Downloadable software including a Tournament Information Management System, Jump Measurement and Scoring program, and a comprehensive Survey Aids package for 1-3 station surveying complete with templates and instructions for Slalom sites.






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